Underworld Blood War December 04



Underworld Blood Wars

The latest installment in the popular Underworld franchise, Underworld: Blood Wars talks about Kate Beckinsale defending herself from both the Lycans and the Vampires.

The film starts of in an interesting fashion and you keep hoping that you will find something exciting for your money but till the very end you are not offered anything new. You could predict what is going to happen and the audiences are ahead of the film all the time.

With so much gone into the making of the film, considering the number of hours taken to render a VFX shot and hectares of land being destroyed, this edition of Underworld lacks detailing in CG department compared to its peers.

The film will have its takers too. If you are an ardent Underworld fan, if you do not expect to have a proper beginning or ending and if you are happy with a few well-made fight scenes in between and a never ending war between Lycans and Vampires, then you might like this film.

This edition could be termed as one of the least engaging Underworld series. In spite of being just one and a half hour film, since the story is filled with clichéd sequences that don’t deliver, it looks a little longer or very longer than its runtime. The rush one would demand from a vampire film is missing. And the fact that the makers didn’t intend to surprise the audience with something different in the script is disappointing.

Michael and Wandmacher’s score, Karl Walter and Lindenlaub’s cinematography create a good mood. Kate as usual does her job perfectly well. There is hardly anything to complain about other supporting cast as well.

Underworld: Blood War is a no-brainer that is lazily constructed. It has too many loose ends in the plot. The emphasis is on an unending war. Even the action sequences don’t work on most occasions, which is an essential factor in films like these. It is nothing more than a rehash of few yesteryear Vampire movies and has absolutely nothing new to offer.